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Latest news

Recent responses to criticism in the media

• Jim Humble Responds to Rita O'Reilly of RTÉ Current Affairs TV in Dublin, Ireland (04-02-2015)

For more MMS video testimonials (100+ videos,) and hundreds of written testimonials, visit

LEAKED VIDEO: Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS (Master Mineral Solution, earlier aka Miracle Mineral Solution) in 48 hours:

Helping the people of Pucallpa, Peru

Another Genesis II Church Story,
Nabusimake, Colombia (Where the sun is born)

7 Gates to Seynimin,
an MMS story of the Genesis II Church

MMS Testimonials

Stomach and Peritoneal cancer,
testimony at TV channel in Chile.
Click Captions caption youtube for subtitles.

Prostate cancer MMS testimonial:

Malignant Melanoma MMS testimonial:

Hepatitis C MMS testimonial:

HIV/AIDS MMS testimonial:

The FDA warning
Archbishop Jim Humble responds to the FDA in late 2010, a response as relevant today as back then. The FDA "reports" are still the same.


Church News
Establishing a Church with Bishop Alvaro Torres in Nabusimake, Colombia (02-22-2014) Read more

For more information about our project in Colombia, plase contact Archbishop Mark Grenon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Bishop Jonathan Grenon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Petition to the International Red Cross:
Treat the victims of Malaria who are dying throughout the world. (12-17-2013) Sign now

Why this is important:  The above picture shows a successful International Red Cross operation where they proved that a new cure for malaria works in less than one day. You may already know that at this time more than 1.2 million people die from malaria each year, most of them children. None of these people need to die because there is a quick cure for malaria that takes less than a day and costs less that 25 cents US. More that 200 million people get malaria each year causing much poverty throughout the world in malaria countries. The International Red Cross knows of this quick malaria cure which they tested and proved on the 11th -16th of December 2012.

The video that proves that the International Red Cross actually proved this out and then refused to admit it or use it, is here:

There are thousands of others who know of this cure but who do not have the necessary finances to begin the job. The Red Cross operates because of the donations of the millions of people of the world. They have the money and they know of the cure that cures malaria in less than a day. This is a job that the Red Cross should do and they should not refuse because it will deplete their financial resources. These resources came from the people of the world in the form of donations. When others see the Red Cross curing thousands they will be encouraged to go and do the same.

Please sign this petition and pass it on to as many people as you can. Help change the world.


-|-  Sign petition -|-   

Archbishop Jim Humble
Genesis II church of Health and Healing 

To people of the world (12-12-2013)

In the next two weeks I shall be contacting you about a major Initiative that will finally get us the support we need to fund several pilot trials in selected countries and also establish rigorous clinical trials.

This Initiative is being sponsored by the VRCities Wellness Initiative to establish an "Alternative Medicine and Healing Foundation.  It uses the "crowd funding" platform that have been very successful in getting people involved at grass-roots levels and help spread the word far and wide. Read more.

More Red Cross MMS Test Evidence Discovered& Call to Action #3 (07-12-2013) Read more

Leaked video proving the Red Cross cured 154 cases of Malaria with MMS (Water Purification Drops,) Dec. 2012 (07-02-2013) Read more

154 cases of Malaria cured with MMS, in co-operation with (a now tragically denying) Red Cross, Uganda, Dec. 2012 (05-01-2013) Read more 


Church news / MMS Newsletter archive
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For more MMS video testimonials

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Larimar, the blue stone on Jim´s hat

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Latest news

Reduce radiation to zero and make gold in the process


Zero Fusion and Atomic Alchemy - Read more.

This technology could clean up the worlds atomic waste sites if given the chance. Read more.

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Archbishop Jim Humble

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