Upcoming Genesis II Church MMS seminars

ca Vancouver, B.C. CANADA - December 19th - 21st 2014 - Sign up.
•  Bradenton, Florida, USA - January 30th - Febuary 1st 2015 - Sign up.
•  Houston, Texas, USA - Febuary 27th - March 1st 2015 - Sign up.

Please sign the petition: International Red Cross:
Treat the victims of Malaria who are dying throughout the world

Attacks On or Criticism of Genesis II Sacraments (MMS), and Responses

Our creed

g2c scroll w705
We of the church believe in 
- Doing good deeds -
- Good health for all mankind -
- Doing what is right -
- Freedom for all mankind -
- Enlightening others with the truth -
In support of our Creed, 
we hold sacred all communication between God and Man 
and uphold the never-ending empowerment of this connection.

Leaked: Proof The Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS in Uganda 2012

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Essential MMS book

jim humble book - master mineral solution of the third millennium

We get a lot of questions about MMS1 and MMS2 that are all explained in Archbishop Jim's book. Get it here | Download partial ebook FREE | Download full ebook | Hard copy | Kindle | iPhone, iBook, iPad | Audiobook

Thank you for Your support.

Archbishop Jim Humble

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