Autism Ustream Webinar with Bishop Kerri Rivera

kerri rivera Bishop Kerri Rivera of Genesis II Church, famous for her autism clinic Autismo2 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where she is using diet and MMS as one of her methods to provide a successful treatment for the kids, have so far recovered, in the last 20 months, 39 children whom are now completely free of autism.

Kerri and her sister Kim (also working at the clinic), agreed with documentary and filmmaker Daniel Bender ("Straight Talk on MMS", an interview with Andreas Kalcker) that it would be a good idea to inform everyone interested in how the treatment works in detail, while also doing live Q&A. The webinar launched at the 24th of april 8pm central time on Ustream with great success:


autism awarenessSister Kim looked through the many e-mails from viewers as well as the live ustream chatroom, reading up the good questions for Kerri to answer.

This first webinar that took place 24th of april 2012 is available to watch on ustream both now and in the future.

Anyone interested in Autism should most definitely check out this webinar as it contains a lot of key information about Kerri's autism treatment.

To read and find out more about Kerri's clinic Autismo2,
make sure to take a look at their spanish website:

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