Genesis II Church European Restoration Center updates 11/23/2012


We want to update everyone about 3 new people that have came to the restoration center in the past 10 days.

• One woman from Holland came to us with stage 4 Metastatic cancer of the umbilicus, known as Sister Mary Joseph's nodule as well as 3 cancer tumors in her intestines and another in her vagina. She was in very bad shape to say the least, but in good spirits which is very import to the healing process! 10 days later, her cancer in her umbilical is receding, as well as the tumor in her vagina. The tumors in her intestines are going slower but progress is being made and we are adjusting protocols.

• Another woman from Germany, has a cancerous tumor in her breast and it is shrinking very quickly!

• Another woman that is from Bulgaria has 4 cancerous tumors in her breasts. One in the right breast and 3 in the left breast. The one in the right breast is almost totally gone and the other 3 are shrinking also. This is after 4 weeks. She isn't staying at the center because she lives locally.

• We have a man from China that arrived yesterday has leukemia and lymphatic cancer and has just started the protocols we've guided him to take. We will keep you informed.

I want to emphasize that those that stay here at the Center are constantly being supervised and their protocols being “adjusted” according to their individual needs and responses. Also, they are following a strict diet that is designed specifically for them which includes meat and dairy, (organic, of course!).


We believe that this is the reason why we are seeing such great results and believe it is necessary for people to stay at the Center for the best chance to have their “health restored”.


If you are interested in coming to the Center or would like more information please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Pass this information along to friends and family. It will save someone's life!


Here are the health issues we've dealt with or are presently dealing with at the center in the last 3 weeks: 11/1/2012


1. HIV positive patient. 44 yr. Old. He had been taking MMS classic for 3 weeks prior to coming and was 10 days with us here. Results: 2 quick antigen tests - Negative 1 full blood work – Negative- (That means he is cured!!),Checked out and went home!

2. Breast Cancer. Woman, 40 years of age. 1 tumor on right breast, 4 tumors on left breast. 1 week – tumor on right breast 80% reduced, 4 tumors on left breast diminishing slowly with one inflamed a little. Note: When the tumors are being attacked sometimes they swell before going down because of dead cell accumulation.

3. Paralyzation due to epideral injection 2 years ago. 30 year old woman. She was completely paralyzed from neck down but had feeling to touch throughout her entire body. Difficulty with breathing and talking clearly. 1 week – All limbs moving and getting stronger everyday! Note: No muscle movement for 2 years so the muscles have to be strengthened and her nervous system taught to work again correctly. Breathing now easy and talking effortlessly. The whole family is very excited!

4. Breast Cancer. Woman, 40 yr old. She had been taking MMS 3 weeks prior to arrival. NO RESULTS! "due to weak MMS purchased from unapproaved MMS vender." Tumor in right breast and lymph nodes swollen under both arms. Results for 5 days – Tumor reduced 1/2 and swelling gone under both arms.

5. MRSA/Polio 36 yr. Old woman. Large MRSA break outs on left leg due to hospitalization according to her. Results after1 week – MRSA drying up slowly and much more movement in the joints of the body. Her hands were twisted and are slowly straightening!

6. Abcessed tooth. 28 yr old woman. Very swollen and painful abscess on left side of face. 1 Day – Results: Abscess completely gone with swelling and pain!
7. Thyroid. 76 yr. Old woman.
8. Just started protocolsDiabetes/Multiple Sclerosis. 20 yr. Old man. Just started protocols

Our Health Restoration center is available to “restore” health for any health issue. Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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