“Sacramental Guidance at home” 

1.  30 minute video consultation daily.  
Daily we will have a 30 minute Skype video call.  During this call we will discuss our approach for that day and also any other topics we might have to go over or any questions you might have.  This is what we call   “Sacramental Guidance”, any adjustments needed to your protocols, any questions you have daily, teaching you how to make the Sacramental Protocols etc.  So you know for sure how to continue with the Protocols, if need be.

2. Text messaging.
For protocol related questions during the day. 

3. The necessary Sacraments to do the Protocols.
We will be providing the following Sacraments:
MMS, Activator HCl, DMSO, MMS2 and capsules.

The following will not be provided but might be necessary for your treatment:
Cannabis oils, minerals, raw milk, vitamins, Moringa, Raw Honey, Raw Butter, etc.

4. Daily Guidance Sheet.
To record your daily routine.  You will be filling this out daily to keep track of your progress.  

5. Genesis II Church membership (1 year):  1 year Membership is included.
6. Genesis II Church Home Video Course
The Genesis II Church HVC is included, you do not have to become a Health Minister if you so choose.   The info is provided to help guide you during our Sacramental Guidance.  Helps to be reminded sometimes.

7. Genesis II Church Health Minister certification and ID card.
If you decide you would like to become a Health Minister, all that is required is studying of all the material provided in the HVC and a finished exam sent to the following email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Genesis II Church requirements and how to go about signing up:
Requirements: A minimum donation of $50 USD per day. There is a minimum of 2 weeks, but we recommend 3 to 4 weeks. You must make the donation in full before we begin. Also, upon restoring your health we do request a written or video testimony.

Donation Instructions: You will be invoiced via Paypal. Paypal accepts debit, credit cards also. The amount depends upon the time you need of Sacramental Guidance.  

Signing up instructions: Once the donation has been completed, we will schedule a Skype video call. In this first appointment we will be discussing your situation and how you will be using our Sacraments to restore health. Following the appointment you will receive an email requesting information we will need from you.  Once we have received your information we will ship the necessary Sacraments to the address you have provided. When you have received the Sacraments, the following day we will begin the Genesis II Church Sacramental Guidance. 

God bless
Bishop Jonathan Grenon
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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