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The Health Minister course was designed to not only train the student in the Genesis II Sacraments and protocols, but to make the student a teacher. The course comes with a workbook keyed to separate videos that cover 50 different topics. Also, there is an exam with 20 practical situations to test your knowledge. Don't worry this all helps you learn to be proficient with the information so that you can help others!

We have also included a presentation to help you teach the course yourself. There are other topics we cover such as establishing a Genesis II Church Chapter, reasons why MMS won't work, and a one year membership and Identification card is included with the Health Minister course.

Each Health Minister is awarded:
• Membership Certificate
• Health Minister Certificate
• Genesis 2 ID Card
• Health Minister Course Completion Certificate
• After graduation, and upon request, a Health Minister can receive an Authorization to open a Genesis 2 Church Chapter as well as the Public Announcement.

After treating 2 people with video testimonies, a Health Minister can become a Bishop cert, which comes with a new ID card.

Study hard and you will be able to restore health from 95% of diseases in this world!

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Here is a sample of a Health Minister ID card and the information on the back:



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